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Consider appointment of County Administrative Officer, and take related actions, as outlined in the memorandum of the Director of Personnel


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  1. Board Memo

Board Letter

On Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, 2017, your Board held interviews for the position of County Administrative Officer.  At the conclusion of the interview process, your Board offered the position to candidate Carlos Palacios, and he accepted it, with a to-be-determined start date.  As your Chief Labor Negotiator, and with an understanding of the salary parameters at issue, I have spoken with Mr. Palacios and confirmed that he is available for appointment to the position effective Monday, June 26, 2017. He has agreed to appointment at Step 5 of the Salary Schedule for County Administrative Officer, for an approximate annual salary of $263,057.


A.              Start Date


As you know, County Administrative Officer Susan A. Mauriello vacates her position at the close of business on Friday, July 7, 2017.  County Code section 3.28.070 provides that, when a regular, budgeted position is being vacated, both the incoming and outgoing employee may hold the same position for up to ten working days.  In order to provide for the most efficient changeover in this important position, we recommend that your Board take advantage of this provision and make the appointment for Mr. Palacios effective Monday, June 26, 2017.   


B.              Salary


Under County Personnel Regulation 161(J), an Executive Management employee accepting a promotion to a higher class shall be placed at the step for the higher class which will provide a salary increase closest to 10%.  Mr. Palacios is currently employed as the Assistant County Administrative Officer, at Step 6 (hourly pay of $113.01 per hour, for an approximate salary of $235,060.80).  Step 5 of the Salary Schedule for County Administrative Officer is $126.47 per hour, for an approximate annual salary of $263,057.  This would represent a 10.6% raise.  Appointment at Step 5 complies with Personnel Regulation 161(J) because it is the closest to 10%. 


IT IS THEREFORE RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR BOARD appoint Carlos Palacios to the position of County Administrative Officer for the County of Santa Cruz, effective Monday June 26, 2017, at Step 5 of the Salary Schedule for the position. 



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